The tiny houses

What is a tiny house?
A tiny house is a small wooden house mounted on wheels. Halfway between the cabin and the caravan, it is assimilated to a caravan. Indeed, unlike a mobile man, and if it respects the constraints of size and weight, it tows on the road. It must then weigh less than 3t5 and measure 2m55 maximum wide. This micro house of 10 to 15 m² on the ground often includes one or even two mezzanines and is a real habitat, endowed with all the necessary comfort.
The concept of tiny house, which comes to us from the United States, is gradually spreading to France. Tiny houses developed across the Atlantic following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and then following the economic crisis of 2008. These miniature, nomadic and ecological houses have more than one argument to attract people looking for a new form habitat, more economical and respectful of nature.
We invite you to discover and come to sleep in 3 cozy tiny houses, Cascade, Milky Way and Eglantine.